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Community Paint Colors

These Duron paint colors are now sold by Sherwin-Williams. A list of local stores can be found here.


SW7006 Extra White (This is untinted white.)


Amber White
Charleston Green
Chestnut Brown
Deep Forest Brown
Fairfax Brown
Farm House Red
Forest Green
Foxhall Green
Georgetown Green
Harness Shop Tan
Old Carriage Brown
Old Colonial Red
Persian Plum
Yorktown Brown


Charleston Green
Chestnut Brown
Forest Green
Yorktown Brown

4204D Bryce Canyon
4215A Foxhall Farm
4275A Plymouth Red
4343M Original Cinnamon
4443M Cantaloupe
4460W Marshmallow
4470W Lily of the Valley
4493M Harvest
4494D Carmel Corn
4601W Bleached Oak
4604D Dried Moss
4620W Ivory
4705A Chive
4825A Gazebo
4925A Blue Spruce
4934D Blue Grass
4935A Bowling Green
4995A Chesapeake Bay
5115A Nightfall
5135A Silvergate
5222M Chuck Wagon
5223M Toffee Crunch
5225N Mudpie
5246D Chestnut
5255A Hazelnut
5275A Nutmeg
5323M Neutral
5335A Arabian Night
5350W Colonial White
5370W Ceylon Ivory
5372M Pate
5374D Bishop Brown
5382M Driftwood
5383M Distant Hill
5384D Quail
5391W October Frost
5394D Sagebrush
5403M Otter
5412M Gray Kitten
5415A Train Smoke
5422M Anitquarian Gray
5424D Lost Cavern
5425A Carbon
5425A Swiss Mocha
5430 Moonlight
5444D Gray Flannel
5445A Shale
5451W Foggy Day
5463M Clam Shell
5475A Naked Night
5482M Breakwater
5483M Countess
5484 Blue Slate
5492M Remembrance
5494D Hidden
5495A Aspiration
5502M London Sky
5503M Parliament
5504D Highland Gray
5505D Salem
5511W Breeze
5512M Opal
5514D Castle Rock
5521W Downey
5523M Cape Cod Blue
5524D Nomad
5545A Loch Ness
554A Verde
5551W Harbor
5555A Caper
5570W Crystal
5572M Pewter
5575N Flint
5591W Cauliflower
5595A Army Green
56\960W Here or There
5602M Jungle
5604D Avacado
5614D Chaperal
5621W Limestone
5625A Slate Green
5631W Brie
5633M Feather
5675N Spanish Olive
5680W Tea Biscuit
5690W Sand Dollar
5693M Arrowroot
5701W Brandy Alexander
5705A Suntan
5712M Moccasin
5720 Secret
5721W Illusion
5724D Brown Bread
5742M Sand Dune
5743M Picnic Basket
5753M Sahara
5755A Scotch Tan
5760W White Shadow
5780W White Shoulders
5790W Oriental Ivory
5810W Mushroom White
5870W Cottage White
5930W Warm White
5990W Snow Shadow
6051B India Ink
6325R Rubrum Lily