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New pool furniture! 4/18/23

Exciting News ! New Pool Furniture!

The HOA made a decision this year to replace the original pool furniture which could no longer be repaired.

The expense was a line item in our reserves to replace pool furniture when needed.

For years we have painted and re-strapped our pool chairs, but we could no longer do so given they are just worn out.

I have shared a picture of our old pool furniture for awareness, it’s the last picture below.

I want to thank the HOA board and the resident volunteers to include; Heather, Nima, Sophine, Maz, Shaunda, Joshua, John, Elaine and her kids, Clara & Clare for the hard work of unloading, unwrapping and placing 3200 lbs of new pool furniture!

It’s amazing the passion our residents have for Foxfield!! Thank You !

Come enjoy the pool this Summer ☀️🌴

Just for reference, our old furniture: