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Tennis Courts closure 7/19/23

Update 7/20/23: The tennis/basketball courts on Brandy Station are now closed for repairs.

Update 7/19/23: The courts by the pool are closed now. An update will be posted when it is reopened.

7/18/23: Both tennis courts will be closed within the next few days. Once the new gates and locks are installed, the courts will be cleaned, resurfaced, and lined. The courts by the pool will also be lined for pickleball. This whole process could take more than 10 days to complete because it will need time to dry. We will update with a notification of closure and then another notification when they are ready for play! Sign up for the app or email notifications from the home page.

To get the code for the courts (renters), or to obtain the password for page (homeowners only), please send a request to