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Architectural Change Form

Download Architectural Application Form (PDF)

Please submit an additional copy of your application if you have drawings or attachments larger than 8 ½ x 14 (legal size).  A copy reflecting the action taken by the Board of Directors will be returned to you to become a part of your permanent records.  Mail your application and required supporting documentation to:

Foxfield Community Association
c/o FirstService Residential
3975 Fair Ridge Drive, Suite 210S
Fairfax, VA 22033

Use the following guidelines when submitting your application.  In order to expedite your application, please read the following guidelines and include the required supporting documentation for your particular category of change.  Please be advised that applications are reviewed during the monthly Board of Directors meetings.  Please contact FirstService Residential if you have a question about the meeting schedule.

Required Documentation


  1. A copy of the plat with the location of the fence sketched on it.
  2. A construction diagram of the fence and gate, if any.  Show the height of the fence, and the lattice (where required).
  3. A statement of the type of material used.
  4. “Cedar” is used on Carr Townhomes.
  5. “White Pine” or “Pressure Treated Wood” is used on Ryan Townhouses.  (Pressure Treated wood is strongly recommended.)
  6. “Pressure Treated Wood” is used in all other circumstances.


  1. A copy of the plat with the location of the shed sketched on it.
  2. Construction plans for the shed, including a materials list.  Be sure to include length, width, and height.
  3. If pressure treated wood is not going to be used, state appropriate weatherproofing methods (i.e., clear coat sealant).
  4. Shed may not protrude more than 6” – 8” above the top of fences.

Patios or Decks:

  1. A copy of the plat with the location of the patio or deck sketched on it.
  2. Construction plans for the deck, including a materials list.  Be sure to show dimensions for height of rail, and height above ground.
  3. Unstained, unpainted pressure treated wood must be used, and must be stated on the plans.
  4. Lattice/privacy screening must be framed.

Storm Doors:

  1. Doors must be full-view, and the color must be harmonious with the color scheme of the home.
  2. Submit a catalogue picture, brochure, or advertisement to document your choice.
  3. State the color of the storm door, and of the surrounding house and trim.
  4. Only wooden storm doors may be painted.

Paint Color Change:

  1. The chosen paint color for doors, shutters, and trim must be harmonious with the neighborhood, and come from the approved Sherwin Williams color list. Please note that the first page is approved for trim as well. A list of colors is available here.
  2. Submit the name and color code number to the Board of Directors.
  3. Submit a photograph of your house with its current colors including houses on either side.

Exterior Lighting:

  1. The following situations require an application:
    – Freestanding light poles
    – Floodlights
    – Motion detectors
  2. Provide a copy of your plat showing the location(s) of the lighting, and the approximate area of illumination.
  3. In situations where the light may intrude on neighboring properties, signatures of the neighbors, and their names and addresses must be submitted with the application.

If you are contemplating a change other than those discussed here, please contact FirstService Residential at 703-385-1133 for details concerning your particular situation.